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Does the vehicle ignore maintenance? Serious consequences

Date:2018/1/17 10:32:36 Visits£º

It is believed that the effect of engine performance and driving quality is immediate, so many users also focus on regular maintenance. But like gearbox and rear axle maintenance, some users are a little belittled.

Heavy truck transmission, even if it is long oil change, manufacturers generally suggest that the oil change cycle is only one hundred thousand km. But many users will think that this oil change cycle is conservative, and 200 thousand kilometers can not be changed. Some veteran opportunities to tell you by past experience, the gearbox does not change oil to five hundred thousand kilometers or even to the vehicle scrapped. If a gear is unfortunate, it will cost more than 2000 for the overhaul.

Some gearboxes do not change oil for three or four hundred thousand kilometers. Driving is not easy to feel, but is there a real problem inside the gearbox? Is it necessary to encourage maintenance in order to save maintenance costs?

Earlier, the Dongfeng Tianlong ZF gearbox did not change oil for a long time, and the 4 axle gear of the auxiliary shaft was damaged. The overhaul cost more than 3000. Some card friends commented that there are two reasons for collapsing teeth. One is the lack of gear hardness, and the two is improper operation. Gear oil is important but not the main cause.

Although the rationale is reasonable, it should be based on proper maintenance. The function of gear oil is lubrication and cooling. If the gearbox does not change oil at 500 thousand kilometers, even if the gear is not damaged, the internal parts, including the shaft and the gear, have been affected in strength, which is faster than normal maintenance. During the overhaul, some gear was replaced by damage, and the other internal parts appeared to be intact. In fact, the potential damage risk was not revealed.

Gearbox like this single gear damage, the problem is not big, maintenance price is not high. For the liberation of the 12 gear gearbox as an example, the service station in Guangzhou 4S service station reported the maintenance price, parts processing is about 4 thousand, not in 4S maintenance, the price is much lower, the price below 3 thousand can also be done.

Therefore, some people feel that 500 thousand kilometers without changing the oil will only damage one tooth. The overhaul is lower than the maintenance price during this period. It is also worth it. Is that really true?

Don't forget to say that even if a tooth is broken at present, the strength of other parts is reduced because the strength of other parts can not be lubricated and cooled for a long time, and the other gear, or even the shaft, may be damaged. When a car breaks down on the road, it loses time and wastes time. It is not worth the gain. Knowing how to maintain reasonably can greatly reduce this situation.

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