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Current situation and development prospect of automobile stamping die industry

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In 1. automotive stamping mold industry

In the downstream industry of the mould, the use of molds in the automobile manufacturing industry is large. In the developed countries of the United States, Germany and Japan, the output value of the automobile die industry accounts for more than 40% of the output value of the die industry. In our country, about 1/3 of the mould products are for the automobile manufacturing industry. In general, the production of an ordinary car requires 1000 to more than 1500 sets of worms and molds, accounting for about 40% of the total output value of all the moulds required for vehicle production. The automobile stamping die has the characteristics of large size, complex working face and high technical standard, and belongs to the technology intensive product. With the improvement of technology and equipment level, the multi - position die and progressive die, which can reduce the cost and improve the production efficiency, are gradually applied to the design and manufacture of automobile stamping die, which has become the development direction of the automobile stamping die manufacturing technology.

Analysis of 2. global automotive stamping die market demand

The development of the automobile stamping die industry is closely related to the development of the downstream automobile industry. The steady and rapid development of the downstream automobile industry will greatly promote the development of the automobile stamping die industry. The steady and rapid development of the automobile industry has created a good environment for the development of the automobile stamping die industry. More than 90% of the parts and components in the process of automobile production need to be formed by mould. The automobile output of a country reflects to a certain extent the overall situation of the automobile mould required by the country. After the 2008 financial crisis, the output of automobile production in the United States, Germany and Japan, such as the United States, Japan and other traditional vehicles, has been moderately resuscitation, and the HIS of China, India and Brazil, the global light vehicle production growth rate will reach 3.6% from 2014 to 2020, with the growth rate of 5.7% in China and the growth rate in developed countries. It will remain at around 1.2%, and the steady and rapid development of the downstream automobile industry has created a good environment for the development of automobile stamping die industry.

The development of the 3. industry trends

(1) domestic automobile stamping die in the low-end market is relatively saturated, accelerate the pace of high-end market localization.

In recent years, the number of automobile stamping die manufacturing enterprises in China has been increasing, and the production capacity has also increased, but the industry is mostly small and medium enterprises, equipment and research investment is limited, the main production technology requires lower middle and low end stamping die products, resulting in the relatively saturated supply of middle and low end automobile stamping die market, the competition is more exciting. The domestic self-sufficiency rate of the high-end market is still low, only about 60%. Some domestic leading automobile stamping and die manufacturing enterprises, through the introduction of advanced foreign production equipment and technology, strengthen the technology research and development and production process innovation to upgrade the mold products to the new height, realize the design and manufacture of the C grade automobile stamping die, the substantial breakthrough of the progressive die and the successful research and development of 6M The large-scale progressive die, in the high-end automobile stamping die product market and international manufacturers to compete in all aspects of competition, promote the rapid development of import substitution market, the pace of mold localization further accelerated. Chery, the Great Wall, Huachen and other auto brand auto enterprises have turned the automobile development to the domestic purchase from the import, and the joint venture automobile enterprises such as Volkswagen and General Motors also began to turn the high-end automobile stamping die to domestic purchase. The localization of high-end automotive stamping dies further expands the market demand of domestic automotive stamping dies.

(2) domestic automobile stamping die professional production and commercialization to further improve.

Because of the historical reasons of the development of the automobile industry in our country, most of the domestic automobile stamping and die enterprises are attached to the automobile manufacturers. It is the first important task to provide the mould matching for the automobile plant, which leads to the automobile stamping die supporting as the first important task. The degree of social procurement is low. During the period of "11th Five-Year", China encouraged the automobile stamping and die industry to develop professionally and commercially, encourage the separation of the main and auxiliary materials, make the mold production from the subsidiary to independence, and more and more subsidiary die and mould enterprises to increase the proportion of their external orders or to be reorganized as an independent model enterprise. At present, only about 45% of the moulds for socialized purchasing in the mold are produced every year in China, and the future will be further improved and close to more than 70% of the overseas purchasing level of the mould.

(3) automotive stamping mold manufacturing enterprises to the downstream industry chain extension.

With the rapid development of the automobile stamping die industry, the technical level of the industry has been promoted rapidly and the competition is aggravated. The simple design and manufacture model can not meet the demand of the market competition well. Some of the main enterprises in the industry have begun to extend the downstream industrial chain of the mould as the core, build the stamping production line, and direct the production model. It has the advantages of producing automobile stamping parts for customers. The advantage of the transfer of the mould as the core to the downstream industrial chain is that the automobile stamping die manufacturers have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the vehicle manufacturers in the process of operation, and the direct supply of stamping products can better serve the vehicle manufacturers; two is used as a guest. The mould produced by the household directly produces auto parts, which can effectively reduce the production cost and improve the production efficiency. Three is the obvious scale advantage, the automobile stamping die is a customized product, and the automobile stamping parts can be produced in a large quantity in a large quantity, and the production scale of the enterprise is improved. In the above consideration, the business scope of the main production enterprises in the automobile stamping die industry is extended to the downstream industrial chain, actively cooperating with the automobile production enterprises, and providing "integrated" mold and product services.

(4) widely used progressive die

More and more progressive die forming is used in the complex stamping parts, especially in small and medium small stamping parts which need multiple pairs of stamping dies in traditional process. In developed countries, about 30% - 40% of automobile stamping parts have been produced by progressive die, and the proportion of the middle die for the stamping die of automobile parts in our country is only about 10%. The progressive die will be one of the most important die products in our country.

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